Jesus: God of Power and Glory – English text


Lesson text to teach the six lessons from Jesus: God of Power and Glory
Memory verses teach the Lord’s Prayer.
Lesson outlines, detailed story line, review questions, memory verse teaching and more.

Lesson 1 – Jesus Teaches with Power (Memory verse Matthew 6:9)
Lesson 2 – Jesus Calms a Terrible Storm (Memory verse Matthew 6:10)
Lesson 3 – Jesus Feeds a Huge Crowd (Memory verse Matthew 6:11)
Lesson 4 – Jesus Offers Hope to a Samaritan Leper (Memory verse Matthew 6:12)
Lesson 5 – Jesus Explains His Awesome Plan  (Memory verse Matthew 6:13)
Lesson 6 – Penguin Party! Review Lesson  (Memory verse review Matthew 6:9-13)


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