God’s Power: Escape from Egypt Resource PPT CD


PowerPoint visuals to teach six lessons for God’s Power: Escape from Egypt.
PPT visuals include flashcard visuals, memory verses (ESV and KJV) and words to suggested songs.
PDFs of lesson text and other helps.

Includes additional GNC resources: Word-Up visuals, master planning chart, resource, preschool plan, booklet, Books of the Bible poster, map, time line, time line pictures, map pictures, reproducible coloring sheets,Quiet Time sheets, UPS rules and mission story on the Pinedas. (Regional Director for CEF of Latin America)


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Lesson 1 – God the Deliverer (Genesis 12:1-3; 46:1-4; Exodus 1:1–4:28) Memory verse: 2 Samuel 22:2
Lesson 2 – God Shows His Greatness to Pharaoh (Exodus 4:29–6:13; 7:1–12:30) Memory verse: Isaiah 45:5a
Lesson 3 – God Shows His Power to Save (Exodus 12:31-42; 13:17–15:21) Memory verse: Isaiah 45:5a
Lesson 4 – God Gives the Ten Commandments (Part 1) (Exodus 19:1-9a, 16-20; 20:1-21; 31:18) Memory verse: Matthew 22:37-38
Lesson 5 – God Gives the Ten Commandments (Part 2) (Exodus 20:1-23; Mathew 5:21-22) Memory verse: Matthew 22:37-39
Lesson 6 – Moses’ Song  (Review Lesson)


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