All God’s people are called to live on mission wherever He has placed them.

Think for a minute what are the different roles you have: son, brother, cousin, classmate, friend, goalie, linebacker, dancer, guitarist, vocalist, basketball player, and the list goes on? What are some ways you can share the gospel with others through those roles? As we think about these different roles and the different people God has placed in our lives we need to look for opportunities to share the gospel (good news), by being intentional no matter where you are or what you do on a daily basis.

Our lives are meant to share the gospel, even in our daily work. As God’s people we are called to live on mission wherever He has placed us. Sometimes we think work can be a distraction and get in the way of “real” ministry. As if ministry can only be done if it’s full-time in the church or being a full-time missionary. But this is not true and a big misconception. Because the work place is a great mission field and opportunity to reach others and help others.

This is true that we as believers in Christ  should be a gospel witness to those God has placed in our sphere of influence. But I still think that we need to be intentional at doing ministry outreach in our own community. Because if we are honest with ourselves we don’t always take the time to share our faith with our co-workers or those God places in our lives. Part of that is fear of rejection or not being accepted or thinking that we are too busy, which comes from being to self focused. So whatever the excuses that we have it keeps us from being a gospel witness to those around us.

We need to be intentional and one way of being intentional is by volunteering to help at a Good News Club which takes place once a week in a public school. This is great way to share the Gospel and to help you be able to share your faith. This will help you to grow in your faith and help you feel more comfortable with sharing the Gospel. Although we say that we should be witnesses to those around us it doesn’t typically happen so we should take the time to do ministry outreach. Because when we do take this opportunity to share the Gospel we can make a difference in the lives of these young children.

God has intended our work – whether as a farmer, painter, or business owner, a student or an athlete – to be used as a way of ministering to others and sharing the gospel. We see this in the life and ministry of the apostle Paul who was known primarily as a missionary and preacher of the gospel, was a tent-maker by trade.

So think about how you, through your various roles which you participate on a weekly basis might be used as a ministry to share Christ with others?

This is what Christ commands us to do, so that as we are going, we are sharing Christ with others, as we play a personal role in the Great Commission. As we are going about our daily lives we should be seeking opportunities in our sphere of influence to make disciples, in accordance to God’s plan for our life. The truth is – there is no exceptions (For believers in Christ) because we are called to make disciples and a select few are called to full-time missionary work as their full-time occupation. As God’s people we are called to live on mission wherever he has placed us. This is not only our responsibility but I would say it is our privilege!

There are opportunities all around us if we are being aware of our surroundings, walking in the Spirit and living an intentional life that is intent on reaching people for Christ, so that as we are going we are making disciples in and around our lives. That I believe is easier said than done, so like I said previously sometimes we just need to put ourselves in a position to intentionally share the Gospel, like helping in a Good News Club.

It helps us to see that God wants us to view every moment and interaction of our lives as opportunities to spread the gospel and strengthen the church. Sharing the gospel is not something you add to your schedule although you might have to do that in order to actually give yourself an opportunity to do it in setting that would be effective. But for the most part, sharing the gospel is something you can do wherever you go – while sitting in a class, hanging out in the park, at a grocery store or even in the gym working out. As we are going…. only if we develop the ability to share the Gospel. The longer we wait to share the Gospel or learn how to speak the truth of God’s Word into the lives of others, the likely hood of that happening becomes greater.

While on his third missionary journey, the Apostle Paul focused on two things: spreading the gospel and strengthening the church. It didn’t matter if someone was a Jew or a Gentile, Paul wanted all people to hear the gospel and experience the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ. In addition, he wanted to strengthen the church and fellow believers to more accurately speak about Jesus and to share the gospel with others. What we discover here is that God’s primary calling on all of our lives is to carry out His mission in our everyday lives Matt. 28:18-20.

As a result, we will also learn how to see our various roles and daily tasks as platforms for sharing the gospel and discover new ways to mentor and strengthen those around us. Focusing on these two things will help us leave a legacy of faithfulness for those behind us. You and your pastor have the same primary calling in life: to know Christ and to make Him known. No matter what job or occupation you will one day have, your primary calling in life will remain the same.

If you consider yourself a Christ-follower, then you must see your occupation as a means to an end, rather than an end in and of itself. Just like Paul understood, God wants us to see our roles and occupations in life as platforms for sharing the gospel.

Read Acts 18:1-4

Paul left Athens for Corinth in order to continue spreading the gospel throughout the world. When we read about Paul in the New Testament, it is typically about him teaching, preaching, discipleship, or evangelism. Once in a while, we hear about Paul’s other occupation – tent making. Paul used this trade to help provide for the means to support himself so that he could do the work of the ministry and he also used this trade as a way to engage the culture and the people in the different towns and cities he visited.

When Paul arrived in Corinth, he met two others who were new to the city, Aquila and Priscilla, who were also tent-makers by trade. Paul didn’t separate his work from the ministry, his work was ministry because it provided for his ministry so he could travel and share the gospel.

Non-ministry jobs are actually ministry jobs!

Paul was a missionary, a church planter, and a theologian. But he didn’t make his living entirely by doing those things. He made his living primarily as a tent-maker. It is important for us to note that Paul did not stop making tents when he became an apostolic missionary. When Paul made tents, it provided a salary for him so that he could do other things God had called him to do, such as being a church planter and mentor to pastors. But it also made him a vital part of the communities to which he traveled and contributed to the welfare of the communities.

Paul was able to leverage his work for the gospel and plant churches in those cities. We can leverage our work for the gospel if we are truly compelled to reach the lost and desire to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We can leverage our work or our job for the gospel if we are abiding in the Spirit and being intentionally focused on these God given opportunities that God providentially provides for us and act upon those opportunities we will see lives being changed by God through our obedience.

This blog was all about us living intentional for God and His kingdom being reminded that we are called to live on mission wherever He has placed us. So how should we respond? It is important for us to pray that the Holy Spirit would internalize these truths within us, leading to both an inner and outer transformation.

Consider making this your prayer in response to what you have heard: “Lord, give me the strength to stand up and unashamedly share your gospel with those around me. Help me to stop valuing the things of this earth so much. Help me to be about your kingdom rather than mine.”

What needs to change in your life today in order to reorient your perspective, priorities, and attitudes so that you see all of your life as being a part of God’s mission?

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