Peter and John were filled with the Spirit of God when they answered their oppressors with faith and boldness, refusing to deny Jesus in order to satisfy the Jewish leaders. So after standing up to the Sanhedrin, the apostles went back to the church. Read Acts 4:23-31

There’s an important connection between bold prayer and bold ministry. After a string of Spirit filled ministry victories, the church responded by seeking God in worshipful prayer. They were overwhelmed by all that had happened. The healing, the bold confrontation with the Jewish leaders, the favor of the crowds, this was all the work of God, and more specifically the work of the Holy Spirit. In response, the church looked to God and asked Him to continue His work.

They prayed for continued boldness, for healing, signs, and amazing things to happen in the name of Jesus.  How do you think your life would change if you prayed with the same kind of boldness as the early church?

We can follow in the disciples’ footsteps by dedicating time and energy to the prayers surrounding our own ministries. By taking prayer as seriously as we take the “actual” work in our ministry – whether it’s music ministry, feeding people in need, or sharing the gospel with neighbors. We need to put the work of ministry in its proper place and prayer is vital in order for us to accomplish that. Bold ministry requires bold prayer, and bold prayer enables bold ministry, the two go hand and hand.

What is keeping you from praying for God’s power and boldness to be displayed in the ministry of our youth group or church?

In order for us to be empowered by the Holy Spirit we need to spend time each day seeking the Lord in prayer to empower us for the mission that is set before us so that we would have the boldness to share our faith when the opportunity presents itself. And the more we pray for God’s will in are life and for the power of the Holy Spirit to give us boldness to share our faith, these opportunities will arise and the gospel will spread for the glory of God.

In Christ and for His glory,

Rich Wise

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