I picked up a great saying the other day from a pastor named J.D. Greear, so I want to give him the credit for this saying, yet, I have determined to use this saying in my own life because I think this statement has a lot of truth that applies to our relationship with Jesus. This statement is a reminder of what God desires in our relationship with Him.

This is what J.D. said, “God doesn’t want your ability, He wants your availability.” See God doesn’t need our ability because we don’t even have the ability to do much of anything God may be asking us to do. The thing is God gives us the ability when we make ourselves available to God.

The greatest mistake I see fellow believers make in their thinking is that somehow they think it’s about their ability. They think I am not smart enough, or I am not a good speaker, or I am not as spiritual as the other guy and so on. What happens is they end up dismissing or even limiting the power of God. They hinder the opportunities to be part of what God is doing and miss out on the opportunities to experience the power of God in their lives, as well as having an impact in the lives of others.

It’s never about your ability, yet, believers use that as a reason to not be available to the things that God may be calling them into. Listen, God did not choose the wise and the mighty, He chose the foolish, the weak, and the needy (1Corn. 1:26-29). He did that in order to demonstrate His power and His glory through us. When others see you doing something out of your scope of ability, they will know that it was God working in you and through you.

The thing is when you make yourself available to God and His purposes He will give you what you need to accomplish what he desires for you to do, in order to fulfill His purposes and receive all the glory. We hinder God working through us when we make it about our ability as opposed to His and then not allowing ourselves to be available to the work God wants to do through us.

We limit what God wants to do through us by telling Him what we can or cannot do based on what we think happens to be our ability. We are limiting God when we decide what our ability is (even telling Him what we are capable of) and whether or not we will even participate in what God has for us depending on what we think we are able to do. Let’s not hinder what God wants to do through you by saying that you don’t have the ability to do something that God is clearly calling you to do, but instead make yourself available so that God can demonstrate His power through you.

He doesn’t need your ability because He has all the ability in the world to accomplish what He needs, He created the world by just speaking it into existence. He wants you! God has invited you to be a part of what He is doing so that you can enjoy His blessings and experience a greater intimacy with God you would’ve never otherwise experienced by sitting on the sidelines. When we step off the bench to participate in the mission of God despite our lack of knowledge, experience, or ability, God will provide what is lacking in us to accomplish His purpose or plan. He makes up for what we are lacking when we make ourselves available to God. Remember God neither wants your ability nor even needs your ability He desires your availability. Are you making yourself available to God today? Or are you making excuses for why you can’t do something?

Think about those who came before us, they all lacked ability and even gave excuses for not being able to do what God was asking them to do. Think of Moses and all the excuses that he made to God, but fortunately he still stepped out by faith to experience the power of God in an amazing way. What about the disciples who were fishermen, who really had no ability to fish for men they were unlearned, But God taught them because, they made themselves available.

None of us is able; none of us is capable. But our incapability has to be clothed with His divine ability, and our helplessness has to be filled with His power of helpfulness as He provides for our deficiency through the power of the Holy Spirit who gives us the ability.

Are you letting your ability get in the way of your availability? Is God calling you to do something today that you feel like you could not do? This is God’s invitation trust Him and make yourself available to Him. In doing so, you will see what an amazing work He wants to do through you as He enables you to impact the lives of others.

God is inviting you to be available, so now is the time to say yes, Lord, not my will but your will be done – another words, not my ability Lord but your ability through me as I make myself available for your purpose and your will.

Remember God doesn’t need or want your ability, He wants you to make yourself available to Him, so that you can experience a deeper more intimate relationship with Him as He works powerfully through your life. The result will cause you to be more dependent upon Him, as well as deepen your relationship with Him, as He enables you to impact the lives of others around you.

Consider making yourself available today for the mission of God and the glory of God!

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