3 Year Plan

To establish an effective outreach ministry that will impact the community, create awareness, strengthen and equip the members of the church to be more active. Giving the young people an opportunity to be a part of the great commission by helping them to be better equipped and more active in their faith which will help them grow and become viable members in the church.

Must put guidelines into place so that you are able to have a sustainable outreach ministry that is able to have a lasting impact in the community. Establishing goals and plans that encourage intentional action.

First year – start with a prayer program by establishing a prayer team or a prayer chain that will create awareness and prepare the soil. Develop a prayer coordinator who is in charge of prayer so that the church is praying specifically for the community/neighborhoods and schools as well as the ministry team.

Need 2 homes who will host a 5-Day Club® in the neighborhood of the targeted elementary school so that you could reach the children in that school during the school year as well as continuing to reach the children who came to the 5-Day Club. The 5-Day Club® is important for you to begin the ground work and establish the relationships with the children in the neighborhood so that we can utilize the information we obtain from the children in the 5-Day Club® to be able to stay in contact. We will be able to get information to the children about our After-School Good News Club® in the fall, when we secure a team and train them to go into that school.

Need 1 volunteer who will take on the responsibility of Outreach Coordinator for the church. This Coordinator will be the representative of the church who will work closely with CEF (area coordinator) and be the one who is recruiting the team of 4-5 volunteers who will work in the school. CEF (area coordinator) will be providing the curriculum, training, and support to the Outreach Coordinator who will be in charge of the GNC team. The coordinators ensure that the teams have received proper training and help with the first few clubs. They are encouragers and resource providers for the GNC team as well as the liaison between the school and the church providing the legal support and insurance required in setting up the contract with the school and developing the relationship with the administration.

Start an After School Good News Club® or Community Good News Club® in the fall.

Establish 2 to 3 Christmas party clubs in the community by participating in the Christmas Across America Campaign that CEF is promoting as they try and reach 100,000 children across America with the real Christmas story. Curriculum, training, and promotional material is all free through CEF headquarters. Great opportunity to get the youth involved with the teaching of that material by giving them an opportunity to participate in this ministry outreach. Good way for the youth to get exposed to CEF and give them a little taste of what CYIA is like.

Get the youth involved in Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) in the summer by sending some youth to CYIA summer training camp in June so they can participate in 5-Day Club ministry outreach in the community. Promote the CYIA camp to the youth in the local Church who would desire to be involved with CYIA. Find a young student who would be a potential leader and get him more involved by give him more responsibility. Need to Recruit and establish host homes in the targeted neighborhoods and encourage them to build relationships with their neighbors.

Be looking for some homeschool students who have a heart for children and outreach. Homeschoolers have been a very strong asset to the ministry because of their maturity level and their ability to help teach in the After School Good News Club program once a week or once every 2 weeks following a summer of CYIA. It helps keep the students engaged in ministry, giving them purpose and direction while helping them to continue to grow in their faith. We must give these young people opportunities to mature and grow in their faith, which helps them to develop and understand their purpose by which God has placed on their lives.

The main focus should be to develop the younger students helping them to grow and mature in their faith by putting it into action by giving them an opportunity to serve and be a part of the great commission. The main focus needs to be on investing in these young people so that we are strengthening the foundation of the Church. The biggest drop in Church attendance has been in the 20 somethings because we don’t give the students an opportunity to own their own faith. It tends to be there parents faith, and so when they move out they move on. We need to be raising up an army of disciples who understand their role and their responsibility. We understand that the children don’t make up 100% of the population, but they do make up 100% of the future.

We must understand that these children can be lights to the world, so let us encourage them and show them how there light can shine brightly in this dark world. We need to help these children realize that they can live a victorious life in Christ, reminding them that they have received every spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ and that God has created them for a purpose – to bless others, to glorify God, and to have a rich and fruitful relationship with God.


Let us make a decision to live a life in our respected roles that is purposeful by taking a course of action that is for the purpose of extending God’s kingdom, being unified for His glory, and live in a way that fulfills God’s purpose for our life and our community. Let each of us operate within the gift of the spirit we have been given, by putting aside the things of this world and going purposefully into our day to proclaim His gospel and His glory as we work together to impact our community and reach the children of the Treasure Valley for Christ.

Roles of the Partnership

CEF Resources Church Resources
Initial and ongoing training Team leader/administrative assistant
Curriculum Teacher/support staff
Program Prayer partners
Mentoring/encouragement Finances to facilitate the club
Staff support Snacks/refreshments
Negotiation with school district and principal Follow-up of children/families
Liability insurance
Screening of workers
Legal assistance

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