World Day of Prayer is a day our CEF founding fathers gave us, to be held the first Wednesday of November. This day of prayer has such power and potential, that we choose to step away from direct ministry to children for 24 hours and, instead, pray on behalf of children.

I am concerned that this important day is either forgotten completely or observed in a minimal way by others. We say we believe in prayer and would fight to defend it, and yet are we neglecting a day dedicated to prayer? I am guilty of not observing one day in which I pray specifically for the ministry of CEF. I pray for our ministry here locally everyday yet, I don’t take the time to pray for the organization as a whole the way that I should. Child Evangelism Fellowship is the largest world-wide ministry to children and so there is an amazing amount of workers, volunteers, and children who need prayer, and prayer makes a difference.

Therefore, I ask you, if you would join me by setting aside Wednesday, November 7 for prayer for the ministry of CEF around the globe. But don’t spend the day alone. Invite other members, churches, board and committee members, teens, and volunteers to join you in a day of prayer for the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

International Headquarters will meet around large floor maps of the world and the USA to pray, and raise international and USA state flags as they pray, they will go into the different offices and pray for staff, as well as go on outdoor prayer walks. Throughout the day, they will pray in large and small groups, as well as have time alone with God. It is important to seek the Lord for His direction and power in our personal lives and the ministry.
“What matters is the power of God working in the midst of our ministry. The power of God comes through prayer; prayer is the work of the ministry. When it’s all said and done, it’s prayer that makes the difference.” – Reese Kauffman – President

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