Are we teaching our children what it means to have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, teaching them what it means to follow Jesus? Helping them to grow-up in Christ or are we teaching them how to grow-up in the church and that following Jesus isn’t really any commitment at all. We as parents are the greatest example to our children and if we are showing them that a relationship is going to church on Sunday and then living like the rest of the world the rest of the week we are misleading our children into what it means to follow Jesus. Are we substituting religious activity like going to church for a relationship with Christ? If we aren’t careful as parents we can do more damage to our children by giving them a wrong picture of what it means to follow Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Jesus tells us, “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me” (Luke 9:23). Deny ourselves, which means it would cost us something to follow Jesus. Jesus wants our commitment to be about him and His kingdom and His glory, but unfortunately we are more committed to ourselves than we are to the kingdom of God.

Some will say, I go to church, I believe in Jesus and that’s all I need, a comfortable casual non-commitment that doesn’t cost me anything. The thing is Jesus is calling us to deny ourselves and to take up our cross and follow Him. I believe that we are living in a time when we are confusing what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, because we assume that going to church is the same thing as having a relationship with Jesus. Look and see where your time, talents (that God gave you), energy, and commitments are being spent. Is it on everything you want to do and what you want to accomplish? Does it line up with what Christ is commanding you to do?

The sad reality is that we are lacking individuals who are committed to following Jesus and His commission to reach the lost. We have such a great opportunity to reach the children in our public schools with the good news of Jesus Christ but we are lacking individuals who would be willing to sacrifice their time, talents, or treasure for the sake of these children. We say that we follow Jesus but our commitment is not in His great commission but in our own mission to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, the children are missing out on an opportunity to hear the gospel and that God loves them, because we would rather go and do our thing.
To be honest, we can’t change the next generation unless we reach the next generation. So let’s not just sit around and complain that our children are growing up in a godless society. Let us do our part and make a difference by joining the Lord Jesus in His mission to reach children with the gospel.

Remember a relationship takes commitment! Are you committed to Jesus Christ?

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  1. “Bullseye!” This hits the target dead center. May we as parents continue to ask the Lord to lead us.

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