In this work of reconciliation, we are all assigned different places in the harvest field, but there is only one harvest and one Master of the harvest. We need to work together and support one another in a common task. We as a body of believers are united by faith in Jesus Christ, therefore, unity is not something we strive to produce but something we strive to display before a watching world. We don’t create unity, we live it out!
Unity can be sustained in the church when all of us work hard to overcome selfishness and pride by focusing upon something bigger than ourselves, a unity that reflects the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in God’s people that impacts others for Christ. It is key that love should rule among the workers, having the same love, sharing the same feelings, focusing on the same goal. Too often, we’re building our own kingdom instead of His kingdom. Once we understand that we have only one King and we’re building only one kingdom, we should be able to start praying together and working together to extend the kingdom. It’s when we realize this fact of the unity we have in Christ that great growth really begins in our spiritual lives.
Plan implement
As we work together in partnership entire areas of Meridian, Nampa, and Boise can potentially be reached through a year round joint effort. For example, if your church adopts a school, they could reach the children in that school during the school year and increase their outreach to additional children in the area during the summer 5-Day Club® ministries. (Youth from the church could be trained through our CYIA™ program and be mobilized to teach in those 5-Day Clubs) This opens the door for inviting new children to the Fall Good News Club®. Parental permission slips could be handed out in the 5-Day Club® for the upcoming school year. Children and parents could also be encouraged to attend the church Vacation Bible School or Awana program, where the after school club could be promoted. In addition, children should be encouraged to attend the church’s Sunday school and other children’s programs.
The local church and CEF can partner together to reach children and families in the community through:
1. After-school Good News Clubs – Clubs held on school property after school hours
2. Community Good News Clubs – Clubs held any place where children gather; in housing and apartment complexes, trailer parks, neighborhood homes, daycare centers, community centers or other neighborhood locations not on school premises.
3. 5-Day Clubs – Clubs that are held during the summer, one hour and half a day for five consecutive days in housing and apartment complexes, trailer parks, neighborhood homes, daycare centers, community centers, parks, playgrounds, gyms, etc.
4. Released-Time Good News – Clubs that are held during school hours, but not on school property.
5. Other CEF ministries – Fairs, Party Clubs, block parties, camps, etc.

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