This is a great time for rejoicing in what God has done here in the Treasure Valley as He has opened the door for our very first club in Boise, Idaho. It is sad to think that with all the churches in Boise that we have never had a church go into the public school to reach the children with the gospel. It has been a huge struggle with getting the local church to see what a great opportunity it is to reach the children in the public school.

Without a team from a local church to reach the school its hard to not only evangelize the children but to have the follow-up that is necessary to continue to minister to these children and their family, a place to get plugged in. The thing is, we at Child Evangelism Fellowship provide the evangelistic material, training, and establish the contract with the school, which makes it easier for the church to get into the school, who is even considering reaching children in the public school.

But after years of prayer we have partnered with a little missionary Bible church who understands the need for ministry outreach and fulfilling what Christ has commanded the church to do. I pray that this is a wake up call to the other churches as well as the beginning of a great break through for Boise, Idaho.  I pray we as a community of believers would understand the need and the necessity to reach the children in our community so that we are able to impact the next generation. I am always reminded of the fact that what a child believes at age 13 is what they will most likely believe the rest of their life. That should cause a sense of urgency to speak the truth of the gospel to these elementary age students before they grow up believing what the world tells them to believe.

Praise the Lord!

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