What a fruitful summer we had this year as we saw God move in a powerful way impacting not only the children but also some of the children’s parents and even the hosts of the clubs. There are so many little details that God worked out and it was amazing to see how God was working so powerfully through everyone who was involved. I am thankful for the young summer missionaries who were so faithful to teach 5-Day Clubs week in and week out. They truly experienced God moving in a powerful way and I could see how God was growing them in their faith. All though we had the most clubs we have ever had in the Treasure Valley (24) we didn’t seem to have a big number of children come to our clubs (347). But we know that the ones who came were the ones God wanted to be there and we saw God do some amazing work in the hearts and mind of the boys and girls. We had 39 professions of faith and 2 of those were adults. We also had a face painting booth set up at the Kuna Days, sharing the message of salvation and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with 356 children and had several professions of faith. So we PRAISE GOD AND THANK HIM, for what He did in us
and through us this summer.

Please pray for the follow-up with those children who trusted Christ as savior and pray for the party clubs in those communities that we are trying to coordinate and establish. Also pray for the possibility of new Good News Clubs that are trying to get started this year. Pray against the resistance and the distractions that always seem to take place. Pray for the dedicated works hearts to be prepared for the work that is set before them and that they would have great strength and stamina. Please pray for God to give me the wisdom and strength as I coordinate all the details and finalize some contracts along with meeting the needs of each of our teams.

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