Our Summer 5-Day Club theme this year is called turned around and we are teaching lessons about Bible characters who’s lives were turned around. It is so exciting to see the lives who are being turned around in these clubs as we share the gospel with these young children who have responded to the message and put their faith in Christ. But what has made this summer so special is how God is working in the lives of the families who have opened up their homes in obedience to the great commission to reach the children in their neighborhoods as host homes. God has really been speaking into their lives and they have been so encouraged by the response of hosting a 5 Day Club and how God has amazingly revealed Himself through the process.
One Club started out with no one coming to the club and the host was so discouraged. Then on Wednesday 5 kids put their faith in Christ and by Friday these children were so changed and so encouraged that they didn’t want the 5 Day Club to end and they were sad to see us leave. But the host is planning on keeping that relationship going by either having party clubs throughout the year or having a Good News Club in her home to continue to disciple them in the Word of God.
At another club where they had about 17 kids and 2 put their faith in Jesus Christ the family who had hosted that club cannot stop talking about how God had worked in her own heart through that club and she can see how God has placed her in that specific neighborhood to reach those children with the gospel. It seems that lives are being turned around as we faithful share the message of salvation and these families open up their home for the sake of the gospel. So far we have had 8 clubs and reached close to 150 children and have had 15 professions of faith. We have many clubs scheduled for this summer and we are trying to make room for a couple more, so please pray for the lives who will be turned around this summer.

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